Peninsula Insurance Bureau

Quality And Reliability, One File At A Time.

Established in 1990, Peninsula Insurance Bureau has provided Insurance Adjusting services with a focus on "Quality and Reliability on a file after file" basis. Today this pursuit continues to guide us at Peninsula as we have become a recognized leader providing TPA services in the property casualty arena. We make ourselves relevant every day by listening to the different players in market, listening to file handlers, integrating new technologies and using our own knowledge and a intuition of what makes for excellence. By being flexible, adaptable, creative, and open to new forms of doing business, Peninsula Insurance Bureau has acquired an edge in capturing and retaining business throughout the global market place. This edge has given Peninsula momentum, which in turn drives internal innovation. For over 25 years Peninsula has been a trusted partner. Today our TPA contracts have a territorial foot print that extends through all 50 states and through the vast majority of Latin American counties. As we look forward, Peninsula will seek to grow our business partnership by adhering to its pursuit of Quality and Reliability, one file at a time.